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6 ENERGY Vitamin Shot

Energy Shots have been around for quite a while now. There are numerous brands out there each claiming to give a quick energy boost. I have...

Energy Shots have been around for quite a while now. There are numerous brands out there each claiming to give a quick energy boost. I have tried energy drinks, maybe a couple of times, in the past. The high calorie and sugar content put me off them. When I came across 6 ENERGY Vitamin Shot I was intrigued and wanted to put it to test because unlike other energy shots this one is low in calories and contains no sugar whatsoever.

One of the reasons why people feel tired and without energy is due to lack of Vitamins in their diet. A lack of Iron and Vitamin B can make you feel weak and tired. 6 ENERGY Vitamin Shot takes this important factor into account and packs in a large concentration of B Vitamins into their product. Each 60ml bottle is packed with:
- Niacin : helps maintain good cholesterol levels
- Vitamin B6 : aids with metabolism well as helping with the proper use of amino acids
- Folic Acid : needed to repair and clean blood cells
- Vitamin B12 : helps in reducing fatigue especially if you have anaemia
- Pantothenic Acid
- L Tyrosine : provides mental clarity and improves alertness
- Taurine : helps extend workouts and increases recovery rates
- L Carnitine : helps increase work capacity
- Glucornolactone : which is a key ingredient in pre–workout supplements
- Glycine : helps create muscle tissue
- Caffeine : can enhance performance during physical activity

If you look at the ingredients list you will notice that the key component that provides energy is caffeine. I do  not drink coffee regularly, usually have 2 cups of tea a day. So including a caffeine shot in my regular routine was fine. However if you drink lots of coffee or other caffeinated drinks on a daily basis then do work out your daily caffeine consumption. I had read online that a normal healthy adult can consume 300mg of caffeine daily without any adverse effects.

I tried the 6 ENERGY Vitamin Shot a few times over the past week and it did help me get through hectic days and even provided a subtle burst of energy when I was exercising. It is not 'just like drinking coffee' - the effect is a bit different. It is like a energy kick with a little extra than what plain coffee would do. After a long tiring day if I need to head out to the gym, then this is what I would reach out to. I liked the mild Acai flavour as well and the fact that the bottle is small and can easily be carried in the handbag. While I do not see myself consuming 6 ENERGY Vitamin Shot on a daily basis, I would reach out to it when the day is very hectic or when I need an energy boost especially when I am travelling.

Note: I did not experience any side effects after consuming 6 ENERGY Vitamin Shot, but I would advise you to read the ingredients list carefully to check for any allergies. If you are sensitive to Niacin(Vitamin B3) then you may experience a 'Niacin Flush' which is a brief reddening of the skin accompanied by a hot and prickly feeling. If you are pregnant or nursing then it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional prior to use.

You can read more about 6 ENERGY Vitamin Shot & purchase it online at

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  1. I agree abt the tiredness i had the same problem n hv started my vitamins again.. this is a reall good product :)