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Improve your Gut Health with Bimuno® IBAID

PR sample | Contains affiliate links My digestive system has been through a lot of stress the past year. I suffered from GERD and was ...

PR sample | Contains affiliate links

My digestive system has been through a lot of stress the past year. I suffered from GERD and was under treatment for a few months. Since then I have made a lot of changes to my diet and lifestyle in general. I have cut down on the amount of processed food and fat that I consume instead including more fruits and veggies and healthy food alternatives in my diet. It definitely has not been easy as I love food. Though my system is much better now and things are relatively under control, now and then there are flare ups. Bloating is one of the main problems I have to put up with and at times a general mild discomfort. So, when I got the chance to try Bimuno® IBAID, I thought why not. After all a healthy digestive system means better overall health.

Our gut is home to a large population of 'good' bacteria and some 'bad' bacteria as well. The good bacteria are needed to maintain intestinal comfort and general gut health. At times the number of bad bacteria increases resulting in various digestive issues. Bimuno® IBAID is an unique patented Galacto-oligosaccharide formulation that helps to maintain intestinal balance and comfort. It does so by increasing the Bifidobacteria (good bacteria) levels in our body and at the same time reducing the number of bad bacteria. It also helps to reduce the gas producing bacteria thereby controlling bloating and flatulence. Bimuno® IBAID comes in the form of soft chewy pastilles. They look similar to chewy gum pastilles in their texture and form but are more chewier. It is a bit of exercise for my jaws :) Looking at their colour I had expected some kind of citrusy or fruity flavour but they are devoid of any flavour - almost bland. It did feel a bit odd initially but over time the taste or rather lack of it doesn't bother.

You need to take 2 pastilles a day after breakfast and I have been taking them for some time now. Now comes the main question - did it work? I would say yes because my bloating has been much reduced. I still occasionally suffer from bloating but for the most part of my trial my digestive health has been good. My digestive system seems to be calm and working fine. I did work on eliminating 'windy' foods from my diet and also ensuring that I was hydrated and getting enough fibre but definitely Bimuno® IBAID has also had an important part in taking care of my gut. If you suffer from bloating, IBS or any other digestive problems it might be worth giving Bimuno® IBAID a try like I did.

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