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Manic Organic - 100% Pressed Juice from James White

It's Monday morning. A new beginning and a fresh start - I am planning to set myself up for some healthy lifestyle changes. Over the pa...

It's Monday morning. A new beginning and a fresh start - I am planning to set myself up for some healthy lifestyle changes. Over the past few weeks due to a lot of travel my eating habits took a hit. Now I plan to get back on track. Rather than drastic steps I am looking at making small manageable changes in my diet - more salads, more coloured veggies, reducing the portion sizes for certain foods rather than totally eliminating them and more fruits and vegetables. While at home I try to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet, but while out and about I always find it handy to have fruit juices instead and one brand that I have been trying out over the past week is James White.

James White have been making fruit juices for over 22 years. They have a wide range of organic fruit and vegetable juices including Big Tom(the famous spiced tomato juice), Thorncroft(a selection of cordials), Beet It and Manic Organics which I will be reviewing today.

Manic Organics is a range of 100% pressed juices without preservatives which was recently re-launched by James White. These organic juices come in four delicious blends: Pear & Ginger, Apple & Cherry, Pineapple & Lime and Orange & Carrot. The new packaging makes use of bright enticing colours and definitely will stand out on a supermarket shelf. The juices come in 250ml, 100% recyclable plastic bottles and are perfect for on-the-go.

The juices used in the Manic Organic range are natural pressed, organic fruit and vegetable juices. There is no use of any concentrates or preservatives making them a healthy option. The Pineapple & Lime drink was my favourite. Pineapple juice has been known to reduce joint pains and also helps in digestion. I have been a regular drinker of Pineapple juice for a long time now, and I enjoyed this combination with Lime - a lovely blend of flavours. Mr.H enjoyed Apple & Cherry the most. It has a lovely ‘apple-y’ taste with slight tartness.

All the juice combinations in the Manic Organics range have been well thought of. Take Pear & Ginger for example. I love the combination of pear and ginger - sweet with a little zing and spice from the ginger. Ginger subtly fires up the digestive juices while pear helps to balance out the acid. Both myself and Mr.H loved this one and I can see us sipping this delicious drink on a warm summer evening. It would be lovely in a cocktail as well ;-) Orange & Carrot - we all know that this is a vitamin loaded combination. Not only does it taste good but I love the bright inviting colour. This can be a delicious morning drink.

Final Word: All the 4 blends were well liked at DB Reviews. The Manic Organic range is healthy, delicious, fun and reasonably priced as well. If you are looking at including organic fruit and vegetable juices into your routine as a part of a healthy lifestyle, then I recommend you give the Manic Organic Range a try.


  1. oh, they sound delicious. I'll have to keep an eye for them round here. I'm just about to go and make my morning smoothie

  2. These sound lovely. Never heard of them before. Will check next time I am at the shops