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How to Increase Your Water Intake? Try the Citrus Zinger

We read a lot of reports about the health benefits of water and we also come across studies which claim that the 8 glasses of water a day i...

We read a lot of reports about the health benefits of water and we also come across studies which claim that the 8 glasses of water a day is nothing but a generic guideline - a concept that has been oversold. But personally I think that there are plenty of reasons why we should be drinking lots of water everyday. Our body is made up of around 60% water and drinking water helps to maintain the balance of our bodily fluids. Water also helps to keep the skin looking healthy and helps keep our bodily functions and organs in good working order. The amount of water intake depends on our body size, our activity levels and also the climate. I make sure that I always drink a good amount of water throughout the day. While I love pure, plain water; at times I do get bored and wish for some flavour. And here is where the product that I am talking about today comes into the picture.

The Citrus Zinger has been designed to infuse the juice of citrus fruits like limes, lemons or clementine into water creating a fresh and refreshing natural drink. The beautifully designed bottle comes in two colours - Orange and Lime and consists of 4 parts: the bottom cup, the citrus press, the main body and the lid with a finger hole. The bottle is made with BPA/EA-free Eastman Tritan Plastic and has a cushioned base with non-slip rubber pad to prevent any slippage. Not only is the bottle trendy in design but is also easy to clean as all parts can be removed separately.

The Citrus Zinger is very easy to use. All you need to do is, untwist the bottom cup and then turn the Zinger bottle upside down. Now squeeze and twist in the fruit of your choice(lime, orange or lemon) on the citrus press. Put the cup back on the bottom and now fill the main body with water and you are done. A simple design/idea that allows you to infuse natural citrus juice into water for a healthy and tasty drink - your own personal creation :) The Zinger drinks have a shelf life of 3 days if you keep it refrigerated, but I have never had the need to refrigerate it for so long, as I consume it fresh after making it. You can use the same fruit piece a couple of times. If you prefer a strong taste like me you can let the fruit steep for longer.

I have been using the Citrus Zinger for some time now and love it. Apart from Citrus fruits, I have also added Mint leaves, Honey, Pineapple slices and have come up with some flavoursome combinations. You can also replace the still water with carbonated water for a fizzy drink. My favourite though has to be the simple yet classy combination of Lime, Mint and Ginger. Love the flavours these 3 ingredients impart to plain water. I would recommend that you experiment with different flavour combinations using ingredients like Strawberries, Clementines, Oranges, Cinnamon, Thyme, Lavender etc. This is a really easy and fun way to increase your water intake and stay hydrated. Perfect for the coming warmer months.

What I liked about the Citrus Zinger
- Simple and easy to use.
- The quality of the bottle is good.
- Excellent way to increase your water intake.
- Makes healthy and refreshing drinks.

The Citrus Zinger comes with an instructions leaflet that also includes some interesting recipe ideas. You can pick up the Citrus Zinger from JD where it is available for £14.99 currently.

The only two things you need to keep in mind while using the Citrus Zinger are:
1. Ensure that the bottom cup is twisted and closed tightly or the bottle will leak.
2. Take care not to drop the bottle as it can cause damages :)

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