Voya Dream Creme - Restorative Night Cream

Do I really need a night cream? This is one question that I have heard being asked so many times. Why can't I use my normal moisturiser at night, many question. Well, all moisturisers do the same job but there is a difference between day and night creams. Night creams normally tend to have a higher concentration of active ingredients to help repair and restore your skin at night. Day creams normally tend to be focussed on hydration+protection (from pollution, UV etc.). Also, the active ingredients in night creams can be rendered useless by UV. So, it is advised to use them at night. You might have come across many products which specifically mention that you limit sun exposure after applying them. So, that is the basic difference between a day cream and a night cream.

My night cream for sometime now has been the Voya Dream Crème. Rich in almond oil and blended with extract of algae it helps nourish the skin through the night, giving you a marvellous morning glow. The cream comes in a 50ml glass tub and is slightly on the thick/sticky side. It has a mild seaweed fragrance and takes some effort for it to be absorbed into the skin, but I am willing to put in that extra effort because I have been waking up to fresh and plumper skin. I feel good when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning :-) This night cream is a restorative cream and I feel it will work well for mature or dry skin. I will be 37 soon and I feel my skin needs that extra TLC to keep it hydrated and nourished. Voya Dream Crème has worked well for my skin and I plan to continue using night creams from now on.

You can browse through Voya's product range on their website and also join them on Facebook for latest deals and offers.

What are your views on night creams? Do you use one?

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