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Exquisite Luxury Chocolate Bars from Beech's Fine Chocolates

Gifted | Contains affiliate links Beech's Fine Chocolates recently launched luxury chocolate bars in 6 flavours. Made with 100% ...

Gifted | Contains affiliate links

Beech's Fine Chocolates recently launched luxury chocolate bars in 6 flavours. Made with 100% natural ingredients, these chocolate bars are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. The dark chocolates are even vegan friendly! I have tried some of Beech's products earlier and know that the quality of their chocolates is awesome; so I was understandably excited when the new range of chocolate bars came home for review purposes. The 6 flavours are: Milk, White, Dark, Anglesey Sea Salt, Natural Ginger and Lime & Chilli.

The chocolate bars come in trendy cardboard boxes. Each bar is 60g and in my opinion is the perfect size for sharing. All bars costs £1.50 each. The packaging is lovely. The colours and the designs used are a wonderful combination of classic and modern designs. I have always mentioned that the packaging of Beech's products is apt for the product and it is no different in the case of the new bars. They seem to pay as much attention to the packaging as they do to the actual product. I like this attention to every small detail. Packaging done, let us now move on to the main part - the taste.

The Taste Test

- Milk Chocolate: With 30% Cocoa Solids and natural Vanilla flavours, this milk chocolate bar was sweet and quite  rich in taste and texture. Mr.H loved this one. The smoothness and the depth of flavour was excellent and much better than most milk chocolate bars that Mr.H has tried.

- Anglesey Sea Salt Milk Chocolate: I have been favouring sea salted chocolates lately and no wonder that I reached out for this one first. It has the same smoothness and richness of flavour like the milk chocolate, but what takes it a notch higher is the addition of the grainy salt. It adds a wonderful texture and gives a nice sweet and salty taste which I love. This was my favourite of the lot.

- White Chocolate: Again this one was picked up by Mr.H and the verdict was out very soon. A high quality chocolate with a lovely taste and texture. When you take the first bite you are hit by the taste of pure and fresh milk(more like condensed milk) which is followed by a lovely vanilla taste. This one was the sweetest of the 6 bars and if you have serious sweet tooth, you will absolutely love this.

- Dark Chocolates: There are three bars in this category: Dark, Natural Ginger and Lime & Chilli. All three of them have 55% minimum cocoa solids base and like the dark chocolates that I have tasted from Beech's earlier these 3 also have a lovely sweetness devoid of excessive bitterness. The flavour and taste - both are rich. The Natural Ginger bar has a pleasant mildly spicy warmth to it. Mr.H felt it could have been a wee bit stronger in taste but enjoyed it nonetheless. The Lime & Chilli was an interesting combination. It surely would be an acquired taste as it is not something that I would eat normally. But the taste grows on you and you enjoy the lime flavour followed by the chilli kick both of which work surprisingly well with the dark chocolate.

Overall, this new range of chocolate bars from Beech's gets a happy thumbs up at DB Reviews. Whether it is the taste, texture, flavours or the packaging - everything is of a high quality that is synonymous with Beech's. I hope they add more flavours in the near future to this range of chocolate bars.

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  1. love the packaging and reasonably priced too hun, im not usually a fan of luxury chocs , more a galaxy or dairy milk girl me, but i would give them ago if i seen them x

    1. I am sure you would enjoy these. Can vouch for the quality. I have enjoyed all the ones that I have tried so far. xx

  2. The ginger sounds really nice! I've been wanting to try a few different varieties of chocolate recently, especially some chilli chocolate! Not a bad price either :) x

  3. These look yummy but I don't know about the sharing bit!