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Discover New Vegan Treats with the Vegan Tuck Box

What is the best way to discover a new food or drink? Yes, you guessed it right - A Food Subscription Box . I love the mystery and exciteme...

What is the best way to discover a new food or drink? Yes, you guessed it right - A Food Subscription Box. I love the mystery and excitement associated with subscription boxes. So, when the lovely team at Vegan Tuck Box gave me the chance to try out their Valentine Themed Box and share my views with my readers, I was excited to say the least.

The Vegan Tuck Box contains a lovely selection of vegan treats ranging from cookies to chocolates and crisps to other savoury snacks. You can either opt for the monthly subscription which costs £20 including the P&P or you could try a one-off standard box for £22. Each month 10 different products are hand picked and packed into the boxes; so you can be assured that you will not get the same products each month. The Valentine Themed Box contained:

- Raw Chocolate Energy Ball (Lovebite Ball)
- Coconut Sequilho Biscuit
- Zotter Ayurvedic Relaxation Treatment(a kind of nougat bar)
- Golden Crunch Cinder Toffee coated in Dairy Free Chocolate
- Giant Love Hearts
- Hipo Hyfryd White Delight
- Sweet Expectations Heart Lolly
- Holy Cow Milk Chocolate Golden Crunch
- Coco Loco Chocolate Heart Lolly and
- Chocolate Wendy House Chocolate Heart

I loved the selection of products. Because it was the Valentine Themed Box, very aptly they included a lot of heart shaped products. There were many products that I had not heard of nor tried earlier; so it was perfect as I was able to taste and discover new things. The little heart shaped coconut biscuits were awesome with a rich coconut flavour and a crunchy texture. The Raw Chocolate Energy Ball was also a revelation. Overall, a lovely variety of products enjoyed by all at home.

The Vegan Tuck Box is perfect for anyone who wants to try out new snacks and treats and obviously for those who are into Veganism. These boxes will also make wonderful gifts. Vegan Tuck Box include a free gift card in the box if you are gifting it to someone. You could try out a single box and then take out a monthly subscription as that will save you re-ordering and save some money as well. Interested? Head over to the Vegan Tuck Box website and you can check out their previous boxes. They have a special Easter box too which is full of Easter themed chocolatey treats. These are limited availability boxes and are available for pre-ordering currently through the Vegan Tuck Box online shop.

Have you tried the Vegan Tuck Box?  What do you think of it?  Do let me know your views in the comments section below!

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