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Be Sensible While Out in the Sun - Choose the SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ Lotion

Sun - the life giver - is extremely vital to our survival. Be it providing us with our food or light, the sun is also essential as it help...

Sun - the life giver - is extremely vital to our survival. Be it providing us with our food or light, the sun is also essential as it helps our bodies to produce Vitamin D. Recently my doctor advised me to get enough sunlight when I went to him with joint pains. But there is also a flipside to it. Though sunny weather brings about a lot of smiles and happiness, too much sun can cause a range of skin problems. Common sun damages to skin include sunburn, premature ageing of skin and sunspots. Too much and too harsh sunlight can also potentially cause skin cancer. So it is very important that we protect our skin when we are out in the sun.

My skin tends to tan very easily and I do not like that at all. I was not much of a sunscreen person because most of them felt too greasy and tend to stain clothes apart from leaving a whitish sheen. At times in the English summer I would avoid sunscreen and depend on hats and umbrellas. But that was uncomfortable to say the least. So when I came across the SunSense range and got the chance to try their products out, I was excited. I had a trip planned to India in the beginning of the Indian Summer and knew that it was the perfect time to put SunSense to test.

The SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ is a wonderful sun lotion. It is not at all greasy, rubs in very easily into the skin and doesn't smell 'chemically' like many other sunscreens. I am impressed. The lotion has a very high factor SPF50+ protection and has been formulated mainly for babies and people with highly sensitive skin. The lotion is  water resistant for up 4 hours; so it is perfect even if you are heading out for a swim. I have been out of many sunny days with this lotion on and it has done a wonderful job at protecting my skin - no tanning, no sunburn. Excellent protection. I used it on my face as well and it did not cause any problems for my sensitive facial skin. Overall, a recommended broad spectrum product that offers protection from UVA and UVB radiation which would suit the entire family.

The SunSense range can be purchased online from Crawford Healthcare, as well as selected Waitrose stores, John Lewis, Ocado, Amazon and from independent pharmacies.

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