Exfoliant Pur Théïshu - Gentle Facial Exfoliant from Themae Paris

One of my favourite parts of my skincare regime is exfoliation. Exfoliation is essential as it helps to remove the old and dead skin cells from our skin's outermost surface thereby giving it a fresh smooth look. I am sure all of you must be including exfoliation both in your facial care and body treatment routines. Not only does exfoliation slough off the dead cells but it is also important as it helps serums and moisturisers or any topical application for that matter to get absorbed better. I have all kinds of exfoliators in my skincare cabinet - body scrubs, enzymes, face peels containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), scrubs with gritty particles and also those with a very gentle and smooth texture/effect. Depending on the condition of my skin and my mood I pick one of the exfoliators for my weekly routine. One of the recent additions to my exfoliators stash is the Exfoliant Pur Théïshu - Gentle Facial Exfoliant from Themae Paris.

Exfoliant Pur Théïshu - Gentle Facial Exfoliant is a gentle and creamy exfoliant. This paraben free product contains very tiny grains of rice powder which act as the exfoliating factor helping to clear up the dead cells and dirt. The texture of the product is smooth and did not trouble my sensitive skin. What I liked about the  product was that apart from the exfoliation, it also provides moisturisation. It contains Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir) which is enriched with soothing red tea and the sap from young barley shoots. This mineral and vitamin rich composition also has some derivatives from Olives which ensures that your skin does not dry up when you massage the cream in. If you have sensitive skin, then this facial exfoliator is for you. You can use it once or twice a week for a clean and smooth complexion.

Like I mentioned earlier, do not over exfoliate as it can leave your skin red and sore. Massaging the product firmly but gently on your face and neck in circular motions for 3-5 minutes is enough to get the job done. Rinse it with clean water to reveal smooth skin. I also convinced Mr.H to let me try this out on his face :) and it worked well for his dry skin. Did not cause any irritation or soreness which can be attributed to the presence of Macadamia Oil and Olive derivatives in the product. Overall, this has become one of my favourite gentle facial exfoliators in a short span of time.

Price: 41.00 €, 50ml
Availability: http://www.themae.fr

Some tips while exfoliating:
- Always be careful and gentle while exfoliating the delicate parts of your face.
- Avoid over exfoliating especially if your skin is sensitive.
- Body scrubs are meant for the body; don't use them on the face as they can be quite rough.

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