The Wild Pomegranate Candle from Oqibo - Review

The Oqibo range launched in 2006 consists of professional skin care products. The ethos behind the brand Oqibo is based on the 4 key ideas  of - Products, Skill, Message and Legacy. All their products are made with wonderful ingredients and are rich in minerals and vitamins to protect and nourish the skin. You can check out Oqibo's skincare range here. Todays review is not about a skincare product though. It is one of my other passions - candles. Yes, Oqibo make candles as well.

The Oqibo candle range includes: Fig Leaf Candle, Wild Pomegranate Candle and Green Tea & Passion Fruit Candle. I am here with the review of the Wild Pomegranate Candle. The candle arrive beautifully packaged and team Oqibo also had included some sample sachets of their skincare products in the package. So sweet of them. The branding of all their products including the candles is minimalistic yet impressive.

The candle uses mineral waxes and fragrances. It is hand poured and finished in the United Kingdom. The fragrance is amazing - sweet and fruity balanced by a warm and woody undertone. The fragrance is such that it suits all occasions whether it is a party or a private and relaxing 'Me' time. The scent diffuses well and lingers on for some time even after the candle has been put out. Love it. If you are looking for a candle that imparts a warm and calming scent, then the Oqibo Wild Pomegranate candle is for you. Priced at £22.00, this candle with a burn time of 40+ hours can be picked up online at Oqibo.

PS: Did you notice that the brand name is an 'ambigram'? The logo retains its meaning when viewed from a different orientation as well. Like that :-)

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  1. Ooh i absolutely love candles especially scnted ones, these are excellent for when the candle is used up too for storage of cotton balls or other things , thanks for sharing x

  2. I've never been a fan of pomegranate but I like the sound of the Green Tea && Passion Fruit as well as the Fig Leaf candle but it's a little too pricey for me. Nice review.

  3. This sounds absolutely delightful, I am a huge fan of the pomegranate scent x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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