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Wallet-friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just 2 weeks away and that means this is the right time to start looking for gifts. While everyday is a celebration...

Valentine's Day is just 2 weeks away and that means this is the right time to start looking for gifts. While everyday is a celebration of love and of our feelings of affection for our partners, 14th February makes it a little bit special. There are many romantic suggestions for V-Day like heading out for a candle-lit romantic meal or a trip to the cinema. This year V-Day falls on a Friday, so you could also plan a long weekend romantic break. Whatever you do, one thing is for sure - all that matters is spending time with the person you love.

Valentine's Day need not be an expensive affair though. For as it is rightly said - Money can't buy love. It is the thought that you put into the gift, your feelings that count. Some of the most treasured and romantic gifts do not cost a bomb and what makes them special and memorable is that they are truly thoughtful. Always choose gifts based on the receiver's preferences and not yours. Here are some products that I feel will be received well by most.

Chocolates: Chocolates as Valentine's gift have been an age-old tradition. You can rarely go wrong with this one as most love a good chocolate. A sweet treat that is sure to capture your loved one's heart. Prestat have an awesome range of chocolates and truffles that are filled with love. They have a lovely Heart Box range that is available in four sizes and is filled with classic artisan chocolates and truffles. So go ahead and make you Valentine’s Day special and sweet with Prestat chocolates and truffles.

Valentine Cards: There are loads of websites offering Valentine's Day cards ranging from romantic to silly to even serious :) You are sure to find a card that is meaningful and expresses your thoughts. I love personalised cards; cards that are tailored to the recipients likes. And GettingPersonal has some really amazing personalised cards starting from as little as 99p. You can choose from Love notes, personalised typography cards or even upload your own photo to feature within the card. You can send the card directly to the recipient or you can request for an extra envelope which Getting Personal will post to you with the card. You can then write the inside message yourself and send it to the recipient.

Personalised Gifts: This is another wonderful gifting option. Choose a gift based on the recipients tastes and then get it personalised with a message. GettingPersonal have an unique and exclusive range of personalised gifts to suit every budget and taste. Some unique ideas are engraved wooden coasters, personalised retro sweet jar for those with sweet tooth or personalised glass tokens and key rings. For a music lover like Mr.H nothing would have been more apt than a personalised Mix Tape MP3 Player. This cute little MP3 player is shaped just like a miniature cassette tape from the good old days, but is actually a plug-and-play USB music machine! One of the best personalised gifts that I came across.

Fragrances: Fragrances make for a classic gift during Valentine's Day. While choosing fragrances for others, it is important that you know what they like - something light and fresh or something deep and spicy. I am currently in a phase where I am loving solid perfumes. So, I thought I would share 2 of my current favourites: the "Petit Fou" Solid Perfume from Le Soft and the Mimi & Me Signature Perfume. The Le Soft perfume has a mild sweet fragrance and is also comforting to the skin because of the presence of Mango Butter which leaves the skin soft, firm and supple. The Mimi & Me Signature Solid Perfume contains the essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, Coriander, Cinnamon,  Ginger & Frankincense and has spicy yet soothing and uplifting fragrance. The fragrance is gorgeous and helps you calm down as well.

Flowers: And last but definitely not the least are flowers. A bunch of romantic red roses makes for a timeless romantic gift. There are other options too, like white and pink roses, as well as oriental lilies and hand-tied bouquets for that personal touch. Many sites offer flowers by courier service too.

Regardless of what you decide to gift, Valentine's Day is the day to reflect on and share your love with your partner. And let me tell you, there is nothing more romantic than a heartfelt 'I Love You'.

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  1. Oooh yummy - I'd be very happy to receive the salted caramel truffles, or a beautiful fragrance. Stuff that - I'd like them all :-)
    Love Vicky

  2. mixed tape, do these things still exist? i havent seen a tape for years but obviously it would be a cd or mp type list now x

  3. I love a good quote and the one at the bottom of this post really struck me, :)