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Glorious! SkinnyLicious Soups - Review

I recently tried out a range of vegetarian soups from Glorious Foods whose product range includes a vast array of soups with bold and unex...

I recently tried out a range of vegetarian soups from Glorious Foods whose product range includes a vast array of soups with bold and unexpected flavours. Like it states on their website, Glorious Foods bring to life flavoursome and original recipes from around the world with eye-catching and witty packaging buzzing with character. I tried out the following 5 soups:
- New England Butternut Squash Soup
- North African Spiced Vegetable Soup
- Fragrant Thai Soup
- Goan Tomato & Lentil Soup
- Keralan Summer Soup

A 'lighter' take on the traditional Butternut Squash soup, the New England Butternut Squash Soup retains the flavour and taste you would expect from this soup. The blend of herbs and spices was perfect as was the addition of Mango chutney which gave the soup a slightly fruity note. Excellent!

The North African Spiced Vegetable Soup is a lovely combination of many root vegetables like - Carrots, Parsnips, Potatoes and Swedes. It is spiced up with Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Cayenne, Harissa Paste and a whole lot of other spices. The combination of flavours was amazing. This was the first time I tried out an African soup and it was absolutely tasty and yummy.

The Fragrant Thai Soup had a very fresh and light feel to it. A lot of fragrances vying for attention. While it was filling, I was not very keen on the fragrance and the sweetness. This is my personal preference as I prefer spice rather than sweetness in my food. Mr. H had no issues with it though.

Pure Gastronomical Delight. That is how I would describe the Goan Tomato & Lentil Soup. Perfect combination of lentils and tomatoes with just the right blend of spices. Not only does the soup satisfy the tummy but also keeps the taste buds happy. I LOVED this soup. The spiciness was not over-powering. Just the right amount of kick to warm you up. One word - perfect! This one was my favourite.

The Keralan Summer Soup stays true to its name. This tasted very much like a thin traditional South Indian soup called 'Rasam'. Coming from South India, I have sampled various kinds of 'Rasam' and this soup reminded me of those flavours. The consistency was also perfect - slightly on the thinner side. Packed full of flavour, this one was my second favourite and is perfect for winter months.

Overall, I am glad to have discovered Glorious Soups. An excellent range that is unbeatable in terms of taste and price. I was surprised when I saw the price (£2.20/600gm) because given the quality of the soups, I was expecting it to be expensive. I was impressed with the soups that I tried out and will definitely be trying out the other flavours. You can read more about the brand and check out the entire range of products here.

Sainsbury's currently have a 'Buy 2 for £3.00' offer on Glorious Soups. Check it out in your local store.

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