Heat Holders Thermal Long Sleeve Vest for Ladies

It is so good to have some sunshine today. The weather for the past few months has been awful. Either it is cold and raining or it is cold and windy. And I do not enjoy either scenarios. I have been wrapped up warm on most days with layers of clothes. Recently I received the Heat Holders Thermal Long Sleeve Vest for review. Having used the Heat Holders socks, gloves and hats with good results, I was excited and keen to put this one to test.

With a tog rating of 0.39, the Heat Holders vest has a thermal construction that holds more warm air close the skin. The ladies vest comes in 2 sizes - S/M(UK Dress size 6-14) and L/XL(UK Dress Size 16-22). I am a size 10 and the S/M fit me quite snugly. When I first tried on the vest, it felt cold on the skin and I had my doubts on whether it would work. But in some time the coolness disappears and believe it or not, you totally forget that you have a vest on. The vest has a soft feel to it and adheres to your body's natural contours due to its slim fit. The body is seamless and so there is no irritation or discomfort.

I have used thermal vests earlier but none of them were as soft or as comfortable as this one from Heat Holders. The vest fits perfectly, covers my body well, doesn't tug or twist when I move/bend and is warm enough. I am impressed with this vest. They retail at £15 each; which I think is fair enough considering the comfort and warmth they provide. You can purchase them online on SockShop or you could browse the entire range on Heat Holders website.

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