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Towards the end of January the lovely Nicola from MIMI & ME sent across some lovely goodies - their Signature Bath Oil and the Signature Solid Perfume. MIMI & ME based in Shropshire make artisan products using all natural and organic ingredients. They use plant oils and extracts in their products and most of their formulations are preservative-free. Where needed natural preservatives in low concentrations are used.


The Signature Bath Oil comes in a 100ml amber coloured bottle with a dropper. This one is a multi-tasking oil which can be used in the bath and also directly on the skin as a massage oil or body oil. As a bath oil it does a good job, but I loved it the most as a body oil. The oil gets absorbed like a dream and leaves my skin feeling gorgeously smooth and soft. I have been using this to tackle winter dryness - especially effective as a night-time massage oil. I love the spicy fragrance. The scent that my nose picks up predominantly is Ginger and I am loving it.

I love solid perfumes and have used them in the past. This one from MIMI & ME according to their website is a magical orange blossom balm with a hint of spice to soothe the senses and bring pleasure to your day. And having used it regularly all I can say is it stands up to all the claims. It smells lovely with a hint of spice and is very soothing. It also moisturizes the skin because it contains Shea butter and Calendula oil. The solid perfume comes in a little satin pouch with an applicator but I have been using my fingertips to apply the perfume as it is much easier :-)

Have you used any MIMI & ME products? What do you think of the Signature Solid Perfume from MIMI & ME?

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