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Ebody is a beauty range that works on the same microfiber technology as the e-cloth. For those of you who have not heard of e-cloths, it is a revolutionary way to clean. e-cloths have enormous cleaning power because they have 480,000 fibres per cm2. A similar technology is used in the Ebody range. With their unique micro-drying technology and soft texture, the products in the Ebody range are not only essential time-savers but also a natural way to clean and exfoliate.

The range includes:
- Eye Cleansing Pad
- Face Cleansing Mitt
- Exfoliating Bath Mitt
- Gym Towel
- Sports and Travel Towel
- Hair Turban
- Luxury Hand Towel and
- Luxury bath Towel


The Ebody Eye Cleansing Pad is made of fine-weave fibres thereby making it gentle enough for use on the delicate eye area. It can be used to remove eye make-up using just your regular facial cleanser. The pad has 2 slots for you to put your fingers in. The pad is gentle on the eyelids and removes all makeup with just a mild regular cleanser. I occasionally use mascara and eyeliner and my usual mode of removing eye makeup is either with cotton balls soaked in eye makeup remover or using eye cleansing wipes. But since I got this cleansing pad, I have not used anything else. With a damp pad and a little bit of my organic facial cleanser this works perfectly fine. The pad feels softer than wipes or cotton balls and another plus point is that it can be reused. Definitely an effective way to remove eye makeup without using any chemical nasties.

Size: 16cm x 9cm
Price: £4.99


The Ebody Sports & Travel Towel is lightweight with super quick absorption and drying. The towels fibres are 4 times more absorbent than cotton and thus it is much thinner than ordinary towels. While it would be perfect for fitness enthusiasts it also makes a good travel accessory as it can be rolled up small and doesn't take much room. It is also excellent as an extra large hand towel. I love its soft feel and quick absorption.

Size: 100cm x 50cm
Price: £14.99

You can check out the entire Ebody range here - www.e-cloth.com

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