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Choi Time - Superior Chinese Tea

A few weeks back the lovely folks at Choi Time sent me some packs of loose leaf/bud teas to review on my blog. The package that I received...

A few weeks back the lovely folks at Choi Time sent me some packs of loose leaf/bud teas to review on my blog. The package that I received contained:
- Jasmine Green Tea Pearls
- Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs: Thousand Year Red Flowers
- Damask rose buds(Herbal Infusion) and
- Yellow Treasure: Green Oolong with Osmanthus Flowers

Melissa Choi with her long standing passion for Green Tea and its health benefits founded Choi Time in 2004. It is a family run business and very well known for its award winning teas. The range of teas that Choi Time stocks is amazing. They have loose leaf teas, Jasmine green teas, bud teas and flowering teas. All their tea is sourced carefully to ensure that authenticity and their uniqueness is maintained.

Jasmine Green Tea Pearls is a cleansing tea packed with anti-oxidants. It is a lovely blend of green tea flavour with  the delicate fragrance of Jasmine. This tea is said to strengthen the immune system and also helps with digestion. For the perfect cuppa, add around 10 pearls into a cup and top it with hot water. You can keep topping up the cup to make 3-4 cups of tea without any loss of flavour.

Damask Rose Buds is a delicately fragrant herbal infusion. The lovely rose buds are sourced from the Fujian province of China and make an amazingly beautiful brew. Use 2-4 rose buds each time. Simply boil water and pour it over the rose buds. Let it brew for a few minutes and enjoy the caffeine-free tea. Smells delicious and is very refreshing. It can be served warm or cold; lovely both ways. You can enjoy 3-4 cups of the infusion with 2-4 buds. The Damask Rose tea is said to relieve anxiety and stress.

Yellow Treasure is a wonderful blend of Green Oolong with Osmanthus Flowers. The richness and depth of the Oolong is perfectly balanced by the mild sweetness of Osmanthus flowers. To make the tea, put a pinch of the tea leaves into a cup and pour just boiled (not boiling) water and let it infuse for a few minutes. As with the other two teas you can top your cup up 3-4 times for this amount of tea. If you love depth in your tea, then this one is for you.

Thousand Year Red Flowers: This one was a stunner; both visually and in taste. These are made with the best quality white needle green tea leaves woven with the globe amaranth flower. Each bulb makes at least 2 litres of tea that aids digestion, strengthens the immune system and reduces the signs of aging. The aroma and taste were excellent. But the best part was the visual treat these giant flowering tea bulbs provide. As the water is added the bulb uncurls slowly and gracefully into a beautiful flower. It was like a living piece of art and a feast for all the senses.

While I enjoyed Damask Rose Buds and Jasmine Green Tea Pearls, Mr. H preferred the Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs. All the teas had unique tastes and if you love herbal teas, then I recommend that you try these. A big 'thank you' to Choi Time for introducing us to such unique and interesting tea blends. Choi Time teas come beautifully packaged and would make beautiful gifts. You can check out the entire Choi Time range on their website and purchase online. Choi Time tea is also stocked in Harrods and Selfridges.

Offer: The folks at Choi Time are offering the readers of DB Reviews an exclusive 10% discount for purchases from their website. Use the discount code DBREVIEWS at checkout to avail the offer.

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