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Personalised Facial at Champneys Day Spa

The past week I had been to the Champneys Day Spa in Enfield for a pampering treatment. Day spas are the perfect place to de-stress if yo...

The past week I had been to the Champneys Day Spa in Enfield for a pampering treatment. Day spas are the perfect place to de-stress if you do not have the time for a proper spa break. The Champneys Day Spa in Enfield not only offers everyday treatments like manicures, pedicures and tanning but also luxurious and pampering spa rituals.

I was booked in for the Champneys Personalised Facial. The 55 minute long facial comprises of cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, a mask and finally moisturisation. I was made to feel comfortable upon arrival at the spa and very soon my therapist escorted me to the treatment room. We had a quick chat wherein we discussed my skin concerns and the therapist then personalised the facial choosing products from the Champneys spa skincare range to suit my skin.

The treatment room offered total privacy and the ambience was lovely with soothing music playing in the background. The treatment itself was amazing. This has to be one of the best pampering treatments I have experienced. I was drifting in and out of consciousness(I am sure I must have dozed off at times) as the expert therapist worked her magic. The products used had gorgeous fragrances and felt good on the skin. The gentle facial massage was wonderful and very relaxing. When the mask was applied on my face, the therapist busied herself giving my arms and hands a massage. That was pure bliss. I could feel all the tension in my arms fading away. The 55 minutes went by very quickly. For once I wished that time had slowed down to a snails pace.

At the end of the treatment I was much more relaxed than when I had walked into Champneys. My skin felt so soft and smooth. I walked out of the spa with my face bare(zero makeup) - satisfied and happy. It felt like I had brand new, soft and glowing skin. I would thoroughly recommend a facial treatment at one of Champneys Spas before Valentines Day. You are sure to enjoy the pampering and your skin will look and feel amazing - perfect for the special occasion. And you will walk away happy and relaxed after the treatment, like I did.

To check the prices and the range of treatments offered at Champneys visit their website -

Complimentary Treatment - Views expressed are my own.


  1. oh wow , i love their products, bought alot of them online , i especially love their face scrub and its affordable too, , its looks soo lovely actually going though , xx

    1. It was very relaxing, Lisa. Time just flies by. Yes, their products are good and affordable like you said.

  2. I have never used any of these products and have not had a facial since I was 12! Definitely time I booked in to my nearest spa xx

    1. Definitely give them a try. They have loads of different types of treatments. I am sure you will love it.

  3. Ohh wow! That sounds fantastic!! It sounds like you had a very relaxing time x

  4. I so need some pampering now!