Cetuem SS14 Nail Varnishes

Cetuem, who manufacture luxury and professional beauty products, recently unveiled their Spring-Summer 2014 nail varnish shades. The SS14 range includes:
- Star Struck (shimmery bold purple)
- All Night Long (strong pink)
- Tropical Orange and
- Buttercup (soft canary yellow)

The colours are in sync with the Pantone Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2014, I feel. 'Star Struck', the shimmery purple is so retro and yet so modern. This is my favourite of the 3 that I tried. 'Buttercup' reminds me of cute little fluffy chicks and of course Daffodils. I normally do not like yellow on my nails, but 'Buttercup' is such a gorgeous colour - bright and with a top coat it gives a nice lovely finish. 'All Night Long' is a bold and bright pink, a colour that instantly reminded me of Nicky Minaj :-) This one makes for a nice spring/summer time colour. It is a bit too bright for me, but I think I could come up with some kind of nail art featuring it.

I have used Cetuem nail varnish earlier and have liked its quality. These 3 shades are no different. Of the 3 'Star Struck' was a bit sheer and I needed 3 coats to a nice opaque colour. It could be layered. 'All Night Long' and 'Buttercup' are better pigmented and with 2 coats I had lovely opaque colours. All the 3 colours gave a smooth coverage minus any streaks. Application is easy and the finish glossy. And removing the varnishes is also easy and quick. They do not stain the nails either.

Overall, if you love bright vibrant colours, then you've got to try the Cetuem SS14 range. They are long-wearing with chip resistant technology. The Cetuem SS14 nail enamel collection is priced at £9.95 each and you can pick it up online at www.cetuem.com

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  1. Nice paints...I love the pink and yellow one..Bright and good <3

  2. Lovely colours!! I love the purple one but they all look cute <3
    Kisses from Argentina!


  3. Wow . beautiful shades..love the yellow one


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