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As a child I was extremely partial to sweet stuff. My love for anything sweet coupled with not having understood the importance of oral care, I ended up with many cavities & fillings in my teenage years. Since then I have been extremely particular about oral hygiene to ensure that my teeth/gums stay in good condition. That is the reason you will notice lot of oral care posts on my blog as it something that I really care about. And today I bring to you another oral care range - UltraDEX.

Originally known as RetarDEX, the oral care brand from USA was launched in the UK in 1993 by Periproducts. The brand was acquired by Periproducts in 2009 and renamed to UltraDEX. The UltraDEX oral care range, available at most major retailers in the UK includes oral rinse, oral spray, toothpaste, interdental brushes and tongue cleansers.

The UltraDEX technology works with the natural oral pH and releases the appropriate amount of the active ingredient. Oral bacteria and Volatile Sulphur Compounds are associated with tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath. The iQ= ActiveOxi technology in UltraDEX products breaks down the bacterial plaque biofilm to combat bad breath problems and also to oxidise stains thereby whitening the teeth.

The two products that I tried out from this range were: UltraDEX Recalcifying and Whitening Daily Oral Rinse and the UltraDEX Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste.

UltraDEX Recalcifying and Whitening Daily Oral Rinse : This alcohol free oral rinse contains hydroxyapatite which is the key natural building block of teeth responsible for recalcifying tooth surfaces. This recalcification leaves the teeth smoother, brighter and less likely to stain whilst also providing a protective shield over tooth enamel. The oral rinse had a mild minty flavour and doesn't leave any bad aftertaste. While my teeth are not discoloured Mr. H has the problem of teeth staining due to his penchant for coffee drinking. The oral rinse worked well for him. Within 2 weeks, he could notice the difference in the intensity of the stains and his teeth felt smoother he said.

UltraDEX Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste : The toothpaste just like the oral rinse contains the active ingredient hydroxyapatite which is the key natural building block of our teeth. This active ingredient works in the same way as our mouth saliva to naturally recalcify the tooth surface. I have sensitive teeth and this one worked well for me. The toothpaste is different from normal toothpastes as in it doesn't foam(it is free from SLS). Actually it did not foam at all for me. It does feel a little different/unusual using this toothpaste as I have gotten used to foaming ones. I was sceptical whether it would actually work because there was no foam. But it does, because not only are my teeth much smoother but a little bit brighter than normal :) Because it is a low abrasion toothpaste it is kinder to the tooth enamel as well.

If you are looking for oral care products that not only protect the teeth but also whiten them, then the UltraDEX range is for you. To check out the complete range of products from UltraDEX visit their website www.ultradex.co.uk

Have you used/heard of UltraDEX before? What is the main feature you look for in oral care products?

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