Modern, Minimalistic and Playful: The "Petit Fou" Solid Perfume from Le Soft

I always carry a fragrance atomiser or perfume vial while travelling. My current favourite though is a solid perfume stick from Le Soft Perfume. According to Le Soft's website their alcohol-free products are an astonishing cosmetic composition to perfume oneself with. There are 10 scents available and these are grouped into 3 collections: Shea Butter Collection, Tiare Collection and the Tamanu/Mango Collection. The one that I am using is the "Petit Fou" from the Tamanu/Mango Collection.

Solid perfumes are a lovely way to enjoy fragrances. This one from Le Soft just glides over the skin and is easy to apply. Like me you can use it on the neck, on the temples, on the wrist or on the tip of your nose :) The fragrance is not over powering but it leaves me smelling sweet. Love the quality. I was a bit sceptical about the application, was worried that it might be noticeable when applied on the skin. But no, its barely noticeable and it did not stain my clothes as well. I use them on the décolletage and neck and they are quite gentle. No irritation, no stinging. It feels like the perfume is caressing and comforting the skin probably because of the presence of Mango Butter which leaves the skin soft, firm and supple. Overall, its a very gentle yet playful scent. I love it.

What I like about Le Soft Perfumes
- Love the packaging. It is fantastic.
- Perfect size to slip into my handbag.
- Can carry even when you fly.
- Alcohol free.
- Paraben free.
- Hydrates the skin.
- Not tested on animals.

You can pick up Le Soft Perfumes from Cult Beauty or order online on the brand's website. These would make wonderful presents.

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