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Beech's Dark Chocolates with Stem Ginger Centre - Review

I have been blogging for around 5 years now and blogging has its perks, which I am very thankful for. When you blog, you need to have an op...

I have been blogging for around 5 years now and blogging has its perks, which I am very thankful for. When you blog, you need to have an open mind, be willing to experiment and try out new things. Over the past year as I have been trying out new food products, I have had some amazing experiences, some failures and some lovely discoveries as well - experimented with things which I would probably have not tried out on my own. For example, the product that I am going to talk about today - Beech's Dark Chocolates with Stem Ginger Centre. I like Ginger. I enjoy ginger infused drinks, ginger chews, ginger bread and ginger in my curries. And I love chocolate. But the combination of Ginger and Chocolate was something that I had never tried before. So, when I received these goodies from Beech's, I wasn't sure how my taste buds would respond to this combination.

Having recently reviewed Beech's Luxury Brazils, one thing I was sure was that the quality of the product would be good. After all Beech's Fine Chocolates have been in the business of making traditional British chocolates since 1920 and they use only the finest raw materials and chocolate along with natural colours and flavours.

The packaging of the product is simple. The colours and concept reflects an Eastern influence which is apt considering the product contains Chinese Stem Ginger. The ginger centre is enclosed in a generous, rich dark chocolate layer. The combination of ground stem ginger and dark chocolate makes this a wonderful treat for adults I feel. The ginger taste was not overpowering as I had imagined and dreaded. Instead it was more of a subtle comforting ginger kick perfectly balanced by the dark chocolate. Both myself and Mr. H loved it. I particularly liked the warming aftertaste. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, one needs to have an open mind and try out new stuff to make wonderful discoveries like these Dark Chocolate Gingers from Beech's.

The Dark Chocolate Ginger's are available in two sizes: 100g(£3.49) and 200g(£6.49) and can be ordered online from Beech's. Beech's offer free first class delivery on all orders over £12.00. If you enjoy fine chocolate and love experimenting, then do check out Beech's website for an amazing range of traditional English Chocolates.

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