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Beech's Fine Chocolates: Flavoursome Whole Brazil Nuts Enrobed in Thick Luxurious Chocolate

Beech's Fine Chocolates , based in Preston( Lancashire ), have been in the business of making traditional British chocolates since 1920...

Beech's Fine Chocolates, based in Preston(Lancashire), have been in the business of making traditional British chocolates since 1920. Using only the finest raw materials and chocolate along with natural colours and flavours, Beech's not only make chocolates under their own brand but also for a few selected “own label” brands for quality retailers.

The past week I received some yummy goodies from Beech's - the Chocolate Brazil Nuts(milk and dark chocolate versions). The milk chocolate brazils come in an elegant blue box while the dark chocolate ones come in a similarly packaged red box. The packaging though simple looks classy.

Coming to the chocolates - Let me begin by saying that we just loved these. Mr.H loves milk chocolates while I prefer the darker one. The milk chocolate was creamy and 'melt-in-the-mouth' kind. What a lovely texture and taste. The dark chocolate was yummylicious without being too bitter. It was perfect. I was happy at the thick coating of chocolate on each nut. In spite of the thick layer of the chocolate the brazil nuts were crisp and full of flavour. The quality is excellent and it is no wonder that these are termed as luxury chocolates. I would recommend these Brazil Nut Chocolates if you are a nutty chocoholic.

The Chocolate Brazil Nuts come in many sizes: 90g(£2.99), 140g(£3.99), 260g(£5.99) and in a large 1700g box(£33.83). I think that a box of chocolates(like this one) as a gift would be welcomed by most of us. Beech's have an impressive range to choose from online: special occasion chocolates, after dinner chocolates, traditional English chocolates and so much more. Visit their website to check out the entire collection.

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