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Scaredoo 2-in-1 Haircare Brush - Review

My hair is a little longer than shoulder length currently and I am planning to chop it off in a few months time. Will be much easier to sty...

My hair is a little longer than shoulder length currently and I am planning to chop it off in a few months time. Will be much easier to style and manage. However until then I have to put up with the tangles and knots that my hair gets into. De-tangling hair is an annoying business. If only there was no tangling issues, I would have always preferred/kept my hair long. Sadly that is not the case, and that is why there are loads of detangling products in the market. I have been hearing the buzz about Tangle Teezer on the blogosphere a lot and my interest was piqued. And then arrived a new product into the UK beauty market - Scaredoo. Featuring a double-sided brush panel, the Scaredoo could be used both for de-tangling and styling. Aha, 2-in-1. I love multi-purpose products and so was quite happy to give Scaredoo a go.

The unique aspect in Scaredoo is its double-sided brush panel. One of the sides is designed to de-tangle your hair. The de-tangler brush has a 3-level brush system which makes it easy to tease out the tangles and it is gentle on the hair. No pulling or tugging. The sturdy yet gentle bristles easily work their way through tangles and knots.

Once you are done with the de-tangling, just flip the brush and you have a paddle brush to style you hair. The brush is easy to remove and clicks perfectly into the slots provided.

The size and shape is also very ergonomic. Fits perfectly in my hand and because it has a non-slip texture on the edges, it does not slip out of the hand. I feel the shape and size are perfect for travel. It fits easily in my handbag/travel bag and because of its lovely colour is easy to spot in the handbag.

Scaredoo brushes are available in 5 different colours currently - salon black, pretty pink, baby blue, sunshine yellow and purple perfection. The brush is priced at £10.99 each and can be purchased online from Scaredoo donates £1.00 from the sale of every hairbrush to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, which is a great cause to support.

Overall, Scaredoo is a cute little brush for detangling and styling.

Have you tried the Scaredoo? What do you think of it? If you haven't tried it, would you try it? I would love to know your thoughts, so please do leave your comments below.

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  1. Looks nice n cute. .I used same brush bought it from prime mark ..great review dear

    1. Hello Tejinder. Scaredoo brushes are only available from, Ebay and Amazon. Best Wishes

    2. Thanks for info..I got same type of nt exactly the same...:)

  2. This sounds like exatly what I need! I love that it has the 3-level system - so useful!

    Jodie Marie
    à la

  3. This looks great! I have curly hair that requires much detangling, so this would be perfect for me. Also, how great that some of the purchase price goes to such a worthy cause? :-)
    Love Vicky

  4. This looks really interesting. I've had a Tangle Teezer for years but never found it worked that well. This looks a lot sturdier I might have to look into giving it a try x

    <a href="> Just Rach </a> xo

  5. This looks fantastic! My daughters hair gets really knotty and mine does too ... may have to invest!!

  6. the brush looks so cute...never heard of this brand earlier!

  7. I ahve reviewed this before months ago and my three girls including me always use it, , we love the scaredoo