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Midori partners with Models Own - Limited Edition Nail Varnish Set Launched

Most of you beauty lovers must be aware of Models Own . Models Own recently partnered with Midori to launch a limited edition melon scente...

Most of you beauty lovers must be aware of Models Own. Models Own recently partnered with Midori to launch a limited edition melon scented nail varnish set. Before we take a look at the colours, let me tell you a little bit about Midori.

Midori(Japanese for green) is a melon liqueur made from premium Japanese melons. Midori liqueur has a distinctive sweet taste and a lovely green colour. It can be used to create unique cocktail combinations. I recently tried out Midori by mixing up the perfect 'Stocking Filler'.

The Stocking Filler: A perfect cocktail for Christmas combines the flavours of Clementine and Cranberry with Midori, gin and a squeeze of lime, creating a fresh and fruity serve with a bit of a kick from the supporting gin.

20ml Midori
30ml Gin
25ml Cranberry Juice
25ml Clementine Juice
Squeeze of lime
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake with ice, strain and pour into a rocks glass.

I tasted Midori neat and as a cocktail. When tasted neat, it has a fruity sweet taste. Melon did not seem to be the most perceptible flavour to me. I could smell other fruits too. But the sweetness and juiciness held on well. I enjoyed it more in the cocktail though. The Stocking Filler has Cranberry and Clementine Juice which meant that the cocktail was more 'orangish' in colour rather than the striking green colour synonymous with Midori. On the taste front, I surprisingly enjoyed it and I think Midori will work well in all fruity cocktails.

Ok, moving on to the nail varnishes. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the article, Midori teamed up with Models Own to create a limited edition set of melon scented nail varnishes in three lovely shades of green. The three Midori inspired shades are the perfect way to add a splash of green to a dreary winter night. The varnishes are all melon scented and will leave your nails smelling 'melony' sweet just like the liqueur.

The limited edition set includes a bright 'My Midori' green, a golden 'Metallic' green and a glittery shade called - 'Dancing Queen'. The varnishes are easy to apply, glide smoothly over the nails and the colours are lovely. The golden metallic green with a hint of glitter was my favourite way to mix up the colours. And I loved the fragrance :) Priced at £15.00 you can pick up the Midori trio from Models Own website.

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