Monster Sweets: Online Store for American Sweets and European Chocolates

Both Mr.H and myself are chocolate lovers and love trying out new varieties. Whenever and where ever we travel we make it a point to try out local brands. We sampled some awesome sweet treats in Belgium and Switzerland and I had packed a box full of chocolates to get back home. Obviously, they did not last long :)

I recently stumbled upon Monster Sweets, an online store, that supplies American sweets and European chocolates right to your door. They stock brands like Hershey's, Jolly Rancher Candy, Mars, Reese's, Wonka, Ritter Sport, Lindt, Nestle and Twizzler's and many more. Understandably I was excited when Monster Sweets sent me some goodies to sample. Here is what I received.

Ritter Sport are square chocolate bars that come with many different fillings and flavours. The ones in my pack were the Yogurt and Peppermint ones. Mr.H enjoyed these.

My favourite was the Ferrero Hanuta Hazelnut Chocolate wafer sandwich. If you are a chocolate lover, you will LOVE this. The rich hazelnut chocolate with tiny hazelnut pieces was absolutely divine. I will be getting more of these.

If you are looking for European and American chocolates and sweets, then Monster Sweets is the place. They have an amazing product range, the shopping and delivery process is quick and the treats are affordable. If you are in Liverpool, then delivery is free. Postage costs are reasonable for other parts too. I would recommend you to take a look at Monster Sweets for those hard to find European and American chocolates.

What would you pick up from Monster Sweets?

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