Enliven special moments with 'A Balloon in a Box'

I love celebrations and I love balloons. The past month we had a special occasion at home and I was wondering what to do to make it different and special. A quick search on Google and I came across 'A Balloon in a Box'.

'A Balloon in a Box' is a helium balloon delivery company that delivers your chosen balloons to the recipient all wrapped and boxed with your special message included. All you need to do is, browse through their site and choose your balloons. The balloons come in a cluster of 3, one message balloon and two plain ones. They have a large selection of balloons for birthdays, weddings, thank you messages, congratulatory balloons and so much more.

The balloon bouquets can be ordered in advance for delivery on any given date. I had ordered a bouquet of plain red balloon hearts and they came in a large cardboard box. Mr. H picked up the delivery and was surprised at the large package. There was a picture of balloons on the address label so it did not remain a surprise for long. We opened the box and removed the sheet of paper covering the balloons and the red hearts leapt out :) We both had smiles on our faces. Later in the evening we had a cosy romantic dinner with the balloons floating in the background. Brought back lovely memories.

The balloons were secured with glittery red ribbon and held down with a lovely star shaped weight. There was also a cute lil yellow balloon flower in the box. I loved the whole concept of balloons in a box and was also pleased with the customer support.

If you are looking to bring a smile to a loved ones face, then these balloon bouquets would be the perfect choice. I am sure it would bring a big bright smile to the receivers face no matter their age. Prices start from £17.95 excluding postage and you can have a look at the entire balloon range here: aballooninabox.co.uk Do you love balloons? Do you have any special memories associated with balloons?

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PR sample: I was kindly sent these balloons for review purposes. However, views expressed are my own.

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