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Hydrating Facial Mist from Maya Water

I love facial toners and sprays. I love anything that makes my skin feel dewy and soft. When I came across Maya Water Facial Mist , I was c...

I love facial toners and sprays. I love anything that makes my skin feel dewy and soft. When I came across Maya Water Facial Mist, I was curious. I have used facial sprays earlier, but this one coming from the beautiful mountains of Skogshorn in Norway caught my fancy because they are 100% natural and organic.

Here is some information about the brand and the products taken from their website. "Maya Water have chosen this very special Norwegian water source and mixed it with the highest quality of organic Chinese white tea. The combination of the unique Norwegian spring water and the unique white tea gives the skin a huge boost of antioxidants. No additives are added in the products."

Some key facts about Maya Water Facial Mist:
- It is a mineral-rich and ph neutral water from Skogshorn in Hemsedal, Norway.
- Can be used by men, women, teens and even toddlers.
- Comes in four variants: Pure, Organic Acai, Organic Goji and Organic White Tea.

How to use?
Hold the can around 15cms away from your face and spray evenly, allowing for the skin to absorb the mist.

What I have been using Maya Water Facial Mist for?
- Whenever my skin feels dull or dry.
- To add a dewy moisturised look to my face throughout the day.
- After I have washed off my face masks. A quick spray of this mist reduces the dry stretchy feeling.

I feel this mist will also work well for use as an 'after-exercise' mist, at the beach, on hot dry days or to freshen up your makeup. Of all the 4 variants, in terms of fragrance I would go with the Organic White Tea as my favourite. It has a mild and delicate white tea fragrance. The second one that I would choose would be 'Pure' which is basically non-fragranced. The other two variants would come in joint third.

The product is on the pricier side(150ml, $40) but then you have to take into consideration that it is thermal spa water and not just plain tap water or distilled water. I like it for its convenience and the refreshing feeling that it provides. If you have dry, dehydrated or mature skin then this mist will act as an instant hydrating pick-me-up.

How do you pamper your skin? Do you use facial mists? Would you try Maya Water Facial Mist? Do let me know your views by leaving a comment below.

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