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A full-bodied revitalising drink - go!Kombucha

We were introduced recently to Kombucha and both myself and Mr. H enjoyed the sweet/sour aftertaste of this fermented beverage. Kombucha h...

We were introduced recently to Kombucha and both myself and Mr. H enjoyed the sweet/sour aftertaste of this fermented beverage. Kombucha has been around for ages and is said to have a lot of health benefits. The ancient Chinese believed it to be a health elixir warding off a lot of health problems. Regardless of whether the health benefits are true or not, Kombucha has found an ardent fan in me and Mr. H.

For the past week we have been trying out go!Kombucha. The Kombucha drinks from go!Kombucha are hand made every step of the way, right from brewing the tea to applying the labels. The ingredients list is simple - organic tea, sugar, filtered water and Kombucha cultures. That's it! The company sources tea from China and the drinks are slowly fermented in small batches for 4-6 weeks for optimum potency. The drinks are matured in bottles for at least 3 weeks to get the perfect full-bodied flavour.

go!Kombucha comes in four flavours. Red Pu Erh which has a full-on bold flavour. It is very earthy, mildly sweet and a wee bit sour. The kick is strong and perceptible by the senses. What a lovely flavour and aftertaste it has. Green sencha with its citrusy notes is much milder and is somewhat like a fine wine. It gives a gentle kick and is the kind of drink that will appeal to most people. China White has a smooth delicate body with floral notes. This one can be compared to a champagne; perfect for unwinding and relaxing. The Golden Yunnan has a pleasantly spicy and stimulating taste. We enjoyed all the four flavours at our home, but the undisputed winner was Red Pu Erh. With its rich earthy flavour, this one tops the taste charts. We have been enjoying Kombucha drinks more for their taste than the health benefits. Since Kombucha drinks contain live bacteria, it does seem to aid in digestion. But like I mentioned earlier, all the health benefits are an added bonus because we drink it for the sharp taste.

With Christmas not far away, you could try go!Kombucha as an alternative to alcohol. If you are worried about too much alcohol consumption, hangovers and all the other downsides of consuming alcohol, then a Kombucha drink is your best bet. You could serve it 'as is' or use it as a base for a cocktail. With its fizzy body and sharp/bold flavour, Kombucha drinks are sure to leave your guests asking for more.

You can buy go!Kombucha online here: Experience and enjoy go!Kombucha and let me know which flavour was your favourite.

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