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Yu! - Healthy Snacking on the Go

The cold, dark winter months are here and what that means is less sunlight, less exercise and more food cravings. I always tend to eat more...

The cold, dark winter months are here and what that means is less sunlight, less exercise and more food cravings. I always tend to eat more sugar and carbs in winter however hard I may try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is something about the winter season that draws me to sugary food - chocolates, candies, cakes, cookies and the list goes on. I have been trying to break away from this habit and choose healthier options like fresh fruits. But when I am on the move or travelling then I prefer to carry something along with me that not only tastes good, is healthy but also easy to carry along. And that is where Yu! came to my rescue. Made from real fruit, the Yu! range is the perfect solution to healthier snacking on the go.

Yu! has 4 products:

- Fruit pieces covered in yoghurt: There are many variants in this category. So you can choose from strawberry, raisins, blackcurrant or raspberry covered in a delicious yoghurt coating. These make such a lovely alternative to chocolates and candies. I can eat them without any guilt while enjoying the yummy taste.

- 100% pure fruit pieces: These are tiny bite-sized dried fruit pieces which are all made with 100% real fruit and natural flavours. There is no added sugar. Cherry was the favourite at home while Mango got the least votes. Available in 3 other flavours - Blackcurrant, Blueberry and Strawberry these are perfect alternatives to candies. The taste is good and the packet will give you a quick burst of energy.

- Fruit bars: These are the most filling of all the products that we tried. Made from real fruit and crunchy cereal covered in a yummy yoghurt coating, this makes a perfect filling snack on the go.

- Granola clusters and fruits: These are clusters of fruit and granola covered in a yoghurt coating.

The packaging for all the products is fun and lovely and will surely attract kids due to eye-catching design. The tiny packets make for the perfect snack be it in a lunch box, a changing bag or even your pocket. Mr. H has also carried these to work without any complaints. I feel these are great for both adults and children alike. If you are looking for healthy snack options, then I would recommend that you try these. The Yu! range is available for purchase in Tesco - in-stores and online.

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