Twelve Beauty Essential Bio-Technological Moisturiser

My love for discovering and trying out new brands is something all my readers would be familiar with. In my never ending quest for new skin care ranges, I came across Twelve Beauty. Twelve Beauty features six unique and innovative products that have been especially designed for sensitive and reactive skin. The brain behind this new range is Pedro Catala, an independent cosmetologist and pharmacist who has extensive knowledge and expertise in botany and the science and technology of cosmetics. After years of research and development, he created Twelve Beauty.

The Twelve Beauty product range contains an unique blend of four powerful antioxidants and nutrients:
- White Genepi extract: antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties
- Imperatoria leaf extract: helps to repair of minor cuts and wounds, moisturisation, astringent properties
- Mallow Flower extract: soothing, anti-irritant, emollient, and moisturising properties
- Butterfly Bush leaf extract: UV protection and anti-oxidant properties.

The product that I tried out was the TWELVE Essential Bio-Technological Moisturiser(50ml, £42). With the optimal concentration of the purest Hyaluronic acid, this moisturiser hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturised for longer than normal. Both myself and Mr. H have tried this out and noticed that skin stays softer and hydrated for longer even in cold weather. The moisturiser has worked wonderfully well for Mr. H who has dry sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts. The moisturiser has not caused any breakouts, has not triggered acne and has kept the skin supple and moist and so Mr.H gives it full marks. I have sensitive skin with mild rosacea and it has worked well for me as well. This one absorbs well into the skin without any greasiness and is perfect as a base for makeup. For any sensitive skinned beauties out there, I would recommend you try this product out.

You can purchase Twelve Beauty products online here or lookup a retailer near you here.

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