The White Lavender Signature Candle from The White Company

I love, love, love candles. Every room in our home has a candle and like I always say I love the ambience candles create - the warm feeling, the twinkly effect of the flame and the gorgeous scents. 'The White Company' has a large selection of candles, diffusers and room sprays and I recently tried out one of their scented candles - the White Lavender Signature Candle.

The fragrance is very relaxing - Lavender blended with Basil and Sicilian Lemon, and warmed with Vetiver. The scent remains even after the candle is no longer burning. This feels like a good fragrance for the cold evenings and I am currently enjoying this as a bedroom scent. Having looked through The White Company's website, there are many other fragrances that I feel I would love, so probably would try those out next. Priced at £20.00 for a 140g candle(approx. 28 hours burn time), you can pick the candle up online at

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