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Every season brings with it some challenges. As much as I love Autumn and Winter, my extremities
become icy cold in these seasons. The coldness results in dryness and I have to constantly reach out to creams and lotions to keep my hands and feet moisturised.

While travelling to Birmingham recently, I carried the Seascape Refresh Hand & Nail Cream with me. Seascape Island Apothecary is a British brand that I discovered only recently. Their website mentions that - “All Seascape products are paraben, silicone, petroleum and SLS free. The products are also free from artificial colours and synthetic fragrances”.

The 'Refresh' range contains 100% natural essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass and Geranium and includes 3 products: Hand Lotion, Hand Wash and the Hand & Nail Cream. The hand and nail cream comes in a 75ml tube making it perfect for the travel bag.

The packaging is elegant and classy; be it the colours or the typography. I absolutely loved the Sea Horse design. It appears on all their products and matches the colour scheme of each range. The hand and nail cream tube itself is of the perfect size like I mentioned earlier and has a kind of non-glossy matte finish. The packaging goes well with their company's ethos.

Coming to the cream, it is not very thick and is absorbed easily into the skin - which is what I need while I am on the go. I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time rubbing my hands and trying to get the cream to soak into the skin. So, on that count I am very satisfied with its light texture and quick absorption. And the cream moisturises pretty well which could be because of the fact that it is enriched with Jersey Beeswax and natural Shea Butter. The main fragrance in this cream is Lemongrass and I could not smell much of the Lavender/Geranium. However, I am happy with it as I love this fragrance. It is different from my other hand creams and is quite pleasant to smell - a kind of spiced citrus fragrance.

Overall, I love the Seascape Hand & Nail cream. I am also liking them as a brand because they use local produce from Jersey Island(that's where they are based), their products are paraben, silicone, petroleum and SLS free and Seascape is against animal testing. You can check out the entire Seascape range here -

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