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Gerlinde Naturals - 100% natural, pure and gentle skin care

I love discovering new brands and if they are 100% natural and the result of one person's passion and dedication, then I like it even m...

I love discovering new brands and if they are 100% natural and the result of one person's passion and dedication, then I like it even more. I recently came across one such brand - Gerlinde Naturals, which was born out of the passion and hard work of one amazing lady - Gerlinde. I put forth some questions to Gerlinde, which she very kindly answered. Read on to learn more about Gerlinde and her natural skincare range.

Q) What motivated you to start your own natural skincare range?
A) Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by nature and would collect flowers, leaves and grasses. When I was around 8 years of age I would dry them between pages in my most treasured books and have a peek ever so often on how far the drying process had developed and sit down with my drawing pad and copy down every last detail of the plant. I think I understood even back then how precious plants are. This interest never left me and I carried on reading up on herbs, taught myself how and when to use essential oils and eventually started mixing up various skin care creams and oils. When I decided to start my skin care business it came more or less as a very natural consequence of making use of my knowledge and of course it is the one thing I love to do most.

Q) How would you describe your brand and products?
A) My brand is very firmly settled around my Austrian first name and of course the natural ingredients of my skin care range. The products are centred around the compatibility with any skin type and are aimed to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Very important to me is also that I am not using any ingredients that have been tested on animals and the whole range is vegan friendly. Also important is the fact that I am using mainly recyclable and recycled packaging.

Q) What’s your favourite Gerlinde product?
A) That’s not easy to answer because all my products deserve their place and are precious to me for various reasons but I think that I had a lot of success with the Organic Whipped Shea Butter Face and Body Cream and it was also my first product that I launched.

Gerlinde sent me two samples of Air Fresheners:
- Alleviate: Warm & Spicy Multipurpose Disinfecting Spray
- Alleviate: Citrus Cleaning Spray

The Alleviate Warm & Spicy spray smells amazing - it is a blend of spicy notes of Cinnamon and Clove. Containing anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oil solution this spray is perfect as an air purifier or to disinfect the kitchen and bathroom. It can also be used to wipe down door handles, tables, keyboards, phones etc.  I love using this as a room fresher as it get rids of odours. The Alleviate Citrus Multipurpose Cleaning Spray has a more citrusy fragrance obviously and contains anti-bacterial Citrus essential oils. This one is perfect for cleaning windows, tiles and kitchen surfaces. You can also use it on your dustbins for an anti-bacterial treatment. I tend to use this more in the kitchen while the other one finds use in the other areas of the house. If you are looking for disinfectants without harsh chemicals then give these a try.

What I like?
- 100% natural
- Made in UK
- No animal testing
- Vegan friendly
- Both the products smell lovely.

You can purchase Gerlinde Naturals products on the website -

*PR sample

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