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The most boring grooming job according to Mr.H is shaving. Not only is it uncomfortable but time consuming as well - the shaving and then the cleaning up part. Mr. H had moved to dry electric shaving for a long time. Recently he went back to traditional wet shaving and for a good wet shave one of the key factors is a clean sharp razor he says. A blunt blade is a big no-no and as soon as he finds the blade not sharp enough, off it goes into the bin. So when we received Razorpit - a Razor Blade Sharpener, we both looked at each other a bit sceptically. This looked like an iPhone/iPod. It would be more at home in the company of our phones rather than in the bathroom cabinet. Would it work? How does it work? We had so many questions. And the best way to find those answers was to put Razorpit to use.

How to Use?
It is actually very simple. After each shave, add a little shaving foam on the Razorpit and then press the blade onto the surface. Using moderate pressure, push the razor in the direction opposite to conventional shaving. Do this around 4-5 times. Rinse the blade and the Razorpit and blow dry the blades if required.

How we tested it?
Mr.H put the Razorpit to test by using 2 blades over a 3 week period. Both the blades were new and used the same number of times over the test period. But only one blade got the special Razorpit treatment. At the end of 3 weeks there was distinct difference in the two blades. The one that was cleaned/sharpened using Razorpit worked much better than the other one. Mr. H was pleased with the results.

Razorpit is easy to use; it couldn't get any simpler. It works with different kinds of razors and it does help in keeping the blades feeling sharp. In short - it does what it promises. Invest in one of these and in the long run it will save you a lot on cartridges.

To read about the story behind Razorpit and on how to use it, visit www.razorpit.com You can purchase the product on Razorpit's website or on Amazon.

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