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Psychologies Magazine - New Revamped Look - The December Issue

I am a bookworm, I LOVE books, magazines and even newspapers :) Even in this day and age of internet and blogs, I still enjoy reading '...

I am a bookworm, I LOVE books, magazines and even newspapers :) Even in this day and age of internet and blogs, I still enjoy reading 'real' books and magazines -something that I can hold in my hand and turn the pages as I savour every written word. Though I read all genres in magazines, I absolutely detest the celebrity gossip magazines. I would any day prefer something related to health, cooking, travel or women centric magazines. When I was recently sent the revamped Psychologies December issue to review, I was not sure what to expect as I had not read this particular magazine earlier.

The first thing to catch my attention was the 20-page special in the December issue - Let's talk. Being an introvert and a quiet speaker, I could relate to this segment very well. It was as if this article was written with me in mind :) And the article did reconfirm my belief that I must value myself and my quietness and also that I really do not need to change as I enjoy being soft spoken. The special also offers information on how to approach conversations in a relationship. All the articles are informative and expressive, the topics covered are real issues that we face in our day-to-day lives and the advice offered is constructive. Kudos to the editor for an issue that has been put together very nicely.

I also enjoyed reading the section on well being where one of the experts reveals how to boost energy and get through the winter bug-free by using food to our advantage. A perfect article to be prepared for the coming months.

Apart from the main feature on Julia Roberts, the magazine also features articles on how to combat fear,  how tiny changes can bring about significant results in your life, DIY decorations for Christmas, beauty notes and some delicious recipes that I will be trying out during the festive season.

Overall, I felt that the magazine is not crammed with celebrity articles like most other magazines are. Instead it focuses on real life issues and how to overcome them. Like the editor, Suzy Greaves, mentions in the beginning - the magazine doesn't care what age you are or what you look like. It instead aims to help you experiment with new ways of living to create a nourishing life for yourself and your family.

Retailing at £3.90, this magazine will make a good read as it refreshing and different from the regular fare. You can subscribe/order online here -

Do you read magazines? Which one is your favourite?

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