BeeFayre Waggledance Collection BeeHappy Candle - Orange and Jasmine

There is something about Autumn and candles. As we enter the colder months, I find myself turning to candles to combat the darkness and cold. It is pure pleasure to have a scented candle lit in the evenings as I relax at home with a book or maybe some comfort food. While I do have my favourite fragrances that I keep returning to every year, I also like trying out new scents. And the latest one that I tried out was the Orange and Jasmine scented candle from BeeFayre.

A 100% natural plant wax candle with a cotton wick; this scented candle also doubles up as a massage oil. Light the candle, sit back and relax. And once the wax has melted, dip your fingers into the warm wax and use it as a massage oil. Because it is made with natural ingredients(no nasty chemicals) and essential oils, it not only leaves the skin nourished but also acts as a mood booster. The fragrance is lovely - soothing and uplifting.

The candles have been hand poured into recycled glass and with a burn time of 50 hours, this candle would make a lovely gift. The candle glass has a beautiful design featuring flowers, fruits and bees. These glasses could  be reused as tea light holders or even cute little drinking glasses.

What I like?
- 100% natural plant wax
- 50 hours burn time
- Doubles up as a massage oil when warm
- Lovely soothing fragrance
- No petrochemicals or artificial fragrance

You can create a cosy atmosphere at home with the BeeFayre scented candles range. Priced at £14.75, you can pick up this candle and many others from BeeFayre on Guilt Free Shop.

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