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Why Is Exfoliation Important?

Want smooth, healthy and radiant skin? Then you need to begin an exfoliation routine. Exfoliation helps in scrubbing off the dead skin cel...

Want smooth, healthy and radiant skin? Then you need to begin an exfoliation routine. Exfoliation helps in scrubbing off the dead skin cells to reveal fresher skin. Removal of the dead cells allows skincare products to nourish the live cells and so you see better effects. Exfoliation also helps to unclog pores thereby reducing acne breakouts. You could use a loofah, exfoliating gloves or a body brush depending on what you are comfortable with and the sensitivity of your skin. I was a regular user of exfoliating gloves until recently when I moved onto a body brush - the Sisal brush from Baldwins.

A Sisal brush is a body brush made from fibres from the Sisal plant :) It normally has a long wooden handle with the stiff bristled brush at one end and a thread at the other end to hang. This kind of a brush is perfect to scrub and massage parts of the body that are a bit difficult to reach e.g. the back.

How to use: You can use the Sisal brush with your daily soap or shower gel. Rub it in a circular motion to produce a rich lather and to exfoliate your skin. You can use it in the shower and in the bath. The brush can be used for dry exfoliation prior to bathing as well. With this handy body brush you can turn your shower into a luxury spa. I find it excellent to give a good stimulating scrub. Use it regularly and you will find your skin much smoother and glowing. I have been using it for sometime now and can see some difference in my legs. The body brush is definitely more effective than the exfoliating gloves. It has improved the skin tone and I am sure with regular usage it will make a great difference. I feel everyone should make body brushing a part of their routine. If you are new to dry brushing, it may feel a bit difficult in the beginning, but with practice it becomes easier. Or if you prefer not to dry-brush, you can always use the body brush in the bath/shower.

Storage: Always ensure that you rinse the brush in clean (maybe warm) water after use, and let it dry naturally.

1. It is recommended not to use the brush on sensitive or broken skin.
2. Always moisturise after exfoliation to keep your skin hydrated.
3. Do not over do it. Exfoliate the body one or twice a week. If you are oily skinned you could exfoliate more often. It is best to form a routine based on your skin type.

If you are looking for a good brush, you can check out They have a nice range of bath accessories and body brushes.
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