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Pamper yourself with the Ora Naturals Bath Oil With Argan Oil

A long bath is always a luxurious treat. So, when I was sent the Ora Naturals Bath Oil With Argan Oil , I did a happy dance :) Autumn eveni...

A long bath is always a luxurious treat. So, when I was sent the Ora Naturals Bath Oil With Argan Oil, I did a happy dance :) Autumn evenings are a perfect time to stay in and indulge in some 'me-time' and this bath oil was just the mood enhancer that I needed. Before I move onto the product a little about the brand. The name “ORA” comes from the New Zealand Maori language meaning health and vitality. Ora Naturals launched in December 2012 is a natural skin care range and the key ingredient in their products is Moroccan Argan Oil which is combined with natural plant extracts from around the globe to produce a range which includes:
- Bath oils
- Body oils
- Body Scrub
- Face Cream

Argan Oil is valued for its nutritive and cosmetic properties and everyone seems to be talking about this essential oil. If you have been following my blog you would know that I had recently used Argan Oil based hair care products with good effects.  As soon as I had a whiff of the bath oil, I knew instantly that I would like it. The fragrance is so citrusy and uplifting. And I love the golden colour. The packaging is also unlike any other bath oils I have used. I liked the slender, somewhat semi-frosted glass. Looks so lovely in the bathroom cabinet.

You can use the bath oil in two ways: Either add a couple of capfuls to a warm bath and relax in it as the combination of essential oils and Argan Oil take over. Or you could apply a similar amount to your body before showering. This will also leave you with silky soft skin. I love applying it to my skin before showering.

You can see the complete ingredient list below. However, some of the key ingredients are:
- Grapefruit with its wonderfully uplifting and energising effect helps to ease aching muscles. Perfect for a soak in the bath.
- Red Mandarin, a happy oil lifts the spirits and relaxes the soul.
- Lemongrass - excellent to combat lethargy and to put the zest back into your day.


Apart from using it in the bath and shower, I have found one more excellent use for this oil. I do a lot of walking and when one walks for 5-6 hours at a stretch, legs tend to get a bit sore. So what I do after returning from long walks such as these, is to apply the oil to my tired feet, let it soak in the oil a bit and then immerse my feet in a tub filled with warm water. Believe me, this has such a relaxing effect. It soothes the achy feet and energises me again. And it also leaves my feet soft and smelling lovely.

I have liked this product so much, that I am going to pick up the body oils next. You can read more about Ora here. Priced at £33.80 for 100ml, this bath oil can be purchase online or you can find a stockist near where you live.

NOTE: This oil is not recommended for use if you are pregnant.

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