Relax with a cup of Yogi Ginger Hibiscus tea from Baldwin's

Earlier this year, we had been to Egypt for 2 weeks. Visited a lot of places and sampled Egyptian cuisine as well. One thing we fell in love was the local Hibiscus tea. We had it everyday during our stay in Egypt and while returning we picked up some boxes of Hibiscus tea which as you must have guessed did not last long :-) I had been on the lookout for Hibiscus Tea locally since then. And then I came across Yogi Ginger Hibiscus tea on Baldwin's website.

Baldwin's are London’s oldest herbalist; they have a store on 173 Walworth Road and an online presence as well. They are purveyors of all kinds of natural products like essential oils, herbal teas, supplements and essences, health food, vitamins/minerals and lots more.

Baldwin's stock herbal teas from a number of well known brands like Dr Stuarts, Pukka, Clipper, Higher Living and Heath & Heather among others.

The Yogi Ginger Hibiscus tea that I selected is made from crimson red hibiscus flowers. It exalts the senses and works well with radiant ginger, offering a cup of warmth with great taste. The smell is lovely and it makes for a nice warming drink on a cold evening. I will be checking out the other variants from Yogi Tea and other brands as well. If you love herbal infusions, then do check out Baldwin's selection of Herbal Teas.

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