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Donna and Tora - Instant Body Upgrade : Weight Loss System

I used to go to the gym until a few months back. A couple of classes of aerobics and yoga every week was my routine. After recently moving ...

I used to go to the gym until a few months back. A couple of classes of aerobics and yoga every week was my routine. After recently moving home, I quit the gym due to distance/time logistics, and since then do the odd workout at home occasionally. So when I got the opportunity to try out the Instant Body Upgrade - an online weight loss and health programme by Donna and Tora, I was quite excited and pleased. After all who doesn't love a well toned body?

Donna and Tora are body confidence specialists and authors of the brand new book, 'I Want What She's Having, Now!'. As a team they inspire women to have the weight they want and a life they love. Donna is a coach and an international facilitator with over 20 years experience training over 50,000 people to change their behaviour and reach their desired goals. Tora is a qualified health coach, an ex-international triathlete and counsellor and has helped 100’s of people feel comfortable in their own skin and confident in their lives.

The Instant Body Upgrade claims to transform your body from saggy to smouldering in a healthy way. The programme does not involve skipping meals or going on hard diets that don't work. You will be provided with:
- Instant Body Upgrade recipes(a range of tasty and healthy recipes),
- Fast fat burning workouts (short duration home workouts, fitness test and a workout calendar),
- Motivational strategies to overcome your weight loss blockers.

Basically after an online assessment, you are provided with a zero deprivation health guide and essential health coaching videos. You will learn to make the smart changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. The program also provides super convenient, short duration workouts that you can perform anywhere. And to help you stick to your routine and goals the team at Donna and Tora also offer powerful motivational strategies.

I am starting the programme today and hope to follow it for 3 months to see if these simple and smart strategies will help me reach my desired goal. I am happy with my weight but I definitely need to tone up especially around my tummy, hips and thighs. I will be documenting my progress monthly, so do check back to see how I get on with the programme - what exercises I have been doing, what is working for me and what is not . In the meantime, you can visit Donna and Tora's website to read about all the programmes they offer.

PS: For those of you who are interested to know, my dress size currently is Size 10 on top and Size 10-12 for the bottom.

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