Aedos Hand & Body Balm - Unscented

The Aedos Hand & Body Balm comes in a small jar similar to the Aedos Sugar Scrub. Just like all Aedos products even this one uses organic Shea Butter. It also contains beeswax which has been sourced from local Kentish beekeepers. The other ingredients in the balm are Calendula and Rice Bran Oil. All these work together to give intense moisturisation while leaving your skin soft and supple.

I am using the unscented version. Because its fragrance free and contains no chemicals, Mr H has been using this one for his dry skin condition. It has helped well with his dry hands. Even the area between fingers which usually tends to dry up has been well moisturised with this balm. The balm also comes in two fragrances: Italian Bergamot and Grapefruit and the Geranium & English Lavender version.

                          * This product was sent to me for review

You can use it during the daytime or even as a night-time application. It leaves a slight sheen after application, so I prefer to use it in the night. Overall, it is a wonderful balm that provides good moisturisation. you can check out the Aedos website for the other products in the range.


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