Rich Repair Eye Cream from Aromatherapy Associates

With key ingredients like Shea butter, Rose wax, Rice bran oil and Baobab seed oil this Rich Repair Eye Cream from Aromatherapy Associates helps to replenish lost moisture and plump up the eye area. This cream is a part of their Anti-Ageing set and I was sent this along with the Intensive Skin Treatment Oil which I reviewed some time back.

What caught my eye in the list of ingredients was Baobab oil. This was something new that I had not seen earlier in any other product that I have used.

Upon a little research and help from Google, I found out more about Baobab Oil which is derived from the seeds of the Baobab tree native to Africa. This oil is also called as 'Mbuyu' in Swahili and has a many vitamins, Omega 6 and up to 3% ALA. It is said to impart excellent moisturisation and helps in cell regeneration. It works well for skin and hair as well.

Coming back to the eye cream, the fragrance is lovely. The cream gets absorbed very quickly and doesn't leave any noticeable sheen. it however moisturises the skin very well. I used it in my nightly skin care regime and it has made my eye area softer and less drier than normal. I cannot comment on its anti ageing properties as I have not used it for that long. A couple of weeks of use is not enough to gauge its anti-ageing benefits, but I can say that its moisturising and hydrating properties are good.

The cream is priced at £41.50 for 15ml and is available to buy on The Hut. Though the price is on the higher side, you need very little product for each application and as such the 15ml bottle is sure to last long. You can check out the entire range of Aromatherapy Associates products on The Hut website.

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