Zip-It : The fun crossword race game from Bananagrams

Yet another fast-paced and exciting word game from BananagramsZip-it is a 2 person word-building game than can be played anywhere - home, garden, train, plane or the bus.

The unique cloth pouch with two zippers contains 24 letter cubes. The two zippers also serve as the score card. The players each pick up 12 letter cubes and start making a crossword type grid using any side of the 12 cubes. The words can be of any length and read from top to bottom or left to right. The first one to finish scores a point. The player then moves the zipper up by one point. The first player to score 10 points, shouts 'zip-it' and is the winner of the game.

The Zip-it pouch also includes a dictionary of weird words called 'WEORDS'. This is a list if weird words that can help you win the game :)

Zip-it is compact and easy to carry while travelling. Children and adult both enjoy it equally. I have played it with my niece and also with my better half. It has been fun in both the cases. You can tweak and make your own rules depending on who you are playing with. Overall, it's an excellent travel game for all ages. Give it a try and you will soon be hooked. Zip-it can be purchased online on the Bananagrams Store.

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  1. Wow Awesome pics and review dear

  2. Thanks Radha. Its a fun game for both kids and adults alike :)


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