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I Coloniali - Seductive Elixir Fragrance Range - Sensual Silk, Luxurious Datura and Playful Lychee

I Coloniali is a luxury Italian brand known for its skincare and fragrance collection. Their 'Seductive Elixir' range of body fragr...

I Coloniali is a luxury Italian brand known for its skincare and fragrance collection. Their 'Seductive Elixir' range of body fragrances is a collection of eight unique and refreshing fragrances. The 8 fragrances are:
- Ardent Amber
- Luxurious Datura
- Sexy Vanilla
- Sensual Silk
- Mysterious Rose
- Animal OUD
- Angel Musk and
- Playful Lychee

I will be reviewing the following three fragrances from the range - Playful Lychee, Sensual Silk and Luxurious Datura.

Let's begin with the packaging. The 100ml bottle looks as classy and luxurious as the ingredients that go into each fragrance. The design and colours used give it a feeling of elegance like all the other products of I Coloniali. Coming to the fragrances:

Sensual Silk - With a top note consisting of Orange Blossom and Roseberry, there is a fresh and vibrant feeling when this fragrance first hits you. The heart note consists of Incense, Heliotrop and Silky Rose and this blend is what gives it the name I guess - Sensual Silk. The base notes are Musk, Cedarwood and Vanilla. The fragrance overall is seductive ans sensual but not overpowering. It is suited best for the evening I feel, though it works well as a day fragrance as well.

Luxurious Datura - I was intrigued by this fragrance when I first saw it. The reason being that Datura as I remember is well known for its large white trumpet like flowers which do smell very sweet, but its leaves and fruits are poisonous and hallucinogenic. This fragrance is bang on with the top note of Datura and Cannelier. The core of the fragrance (i.e the heart notes) is a combination of Geranium, Orris and Vanilla. And the base note is Patchouli. The fragrance is tenacious and original.
It is something different from the other common fragrances we are used to. Mr H loved this fragrance on me :)

Playful Lychee - The top note is Lychee and has a sweet floral fragrance just like the ripe fruit. The top note sealed the deal for me as the fragrance is just what I like. The heart note consists of the wonderful combination of Roseberry, Tuberose and Orange Blossom. The base notes are Precious Wood, Amber, Benzoin and White Musk. Overall, with its fruity and floral blend Playful Lychee has been my favourite of the three fragrances.

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