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Anar Naturals Rich Ginseng Moisturising Cream

My facial skin has been a combination of dry and oily zones for as long as I remember. However, over the last month or so it has become ver...

My facial skin has been a combination of dry and oily zones for as long as I remember. However, over the last month or so it has become very dry and symptoms of Rosacea are developing. It is probably because of supplements I am taking or some change in diet which I am yet to figure out :) To get my skin back to normal I have been moisturising it more often. I have been using the Anar Naturals Ginseng Moisturising Cream which is purely natural and organic with no harsh chemicals or alcohol in it.

Let me tell you a bit about the brand - Anar Naturals. Anar products only contain 100% organic and natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients that tend to leave the skin feeling dry. Manufactured in the UK, all Anar products are vegetarian and they do not test on animals.

The packaging of the product is simple and yet effective. The white and green combo is awesome and the shape of the container also unique. It looks so gorgeous sitting on my dressing table :) Coming to the moisturising cream; its lightweight and non-greasy. It gets absorbed in a jiffy leaving the skin supple and moisturised. I have been using it for sometime now and I can see the improvement in my dry skin condition. It also makes the skin radiant. I feel it is perfect for those with maturing/aging skin. If you are nearing 40s like me, then you should give this a try.

The key ingredient in this cream is Ginseng, which is very well known for its anti-aging properties. It provides excellent hydration and works well on aging/maturing skin. Other ingredients like Neem Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Wheatgerm Oil work together to improve the complexion and to keep the skin soft and supple.

What I liked about the cream
- No parabens, no alcohol and other harsh chemicals
- There is no added fragrance or perfume
- Works well even on sensitive skin
- Very good moisturisation
- Non-greasy and easily absorbed

Overall, I am loving this cream. Or rather I should say my skin is loving this cream. I am going to make this a part of my regular skin care regime. Anar also has products like scrub, lip balm, eye cream and sun care lotion among many other.

*PR sample.


  1. Their products look great. Nice to read this before I try.

  2. Yes, Hannah. The product range is quite good. Do give it a try.

  3. wow herbal product..looks great DB!!

  4. Yes its all natural goodness...No harsh chemicals in it.