Nahore Baby - A new range of baby hygiene and health care products launched in the UK

Manufactured by Nahore Cosmetics in Spain, Nahore Baby products are an established name in many European countries. Recently they made a foray into the UK market. The company specializes in child care, body cosmetics and general health and well-being.

The NAHORE BABY product range includes: Baby Bath Foam, Lip Balm, Children's eau de toilette, Baby Skin Cream, Shampoo Gel, Skin Protection Balm for Children, Baby Nasal Aspirator, Hygienic Baby wipes, Aftersun Cream and Sanitized Hand Gel among other products.

NAHORE BABY products are Alcohol Free and not tested on animals. To learn more and to view product details visit:

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  1. I never heard about the nahore baby products. Thanks for the sharing, i got to know about the new brand in the market.


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