MUA Nail Varnish - Shade 13

If you follow my blog, you must be aware that I change my nail colours weekly. And as such I tend to stock up on a lot of colours. MUA is one brand that I tend to pick up a lot mainly because they offer awesome shades on a budget. I don't feel very guilty picking up a couple of £1 shades now and then.

The colour that I am reviewing today is the Shade 13 - a shimmery emerald green. This is such an awesome shade of green and I can't tell you how much I am loving it. I have it on now and can't help admiring the colour every few minutes. Mr. H says I have gone crazy as I have asked him atleast 6 times since in the last few hours to look at my green toe nails :)

The consistency is thin and you need atleast 2 coats to get the correct colour. The paint doesn't chip easily. I have it on my toe nails since 4 days and I have worn closed shoes and also got into the pool. My nail colour is still the same. No chips, no fading. I LOVE this green.

Availability: Superdrug website or the MUA website
£1 for 6.2ml. The quantity is perfect as it allows me to try out new shades.

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  1. I have the same shade in Envy nail colour Nice Pics :)


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