Montagne Jeunesse Paw Paw Peel Off Mask

MJ recently come out with some new masks with exotic fruits as the main ingredient. One of them was the Pawpaw peel off mask which claims to minimise your pores. As per the sachet it says - "Phenomenal Pore Blast!"

Papaya is one of my favourite fruits because of its wonderful effects in cleansing and getting your digestive system in order. During my college days I used to mash over-ripe papayas and apply them on my face and neck. When I saw this mask, it brought back all those memories and I had to try it.

Like all MJ products this mask smells amazing - very fruity. Its like a mixture of very sweet papayas, peaches and a hint of ripe sweet mangoes. The colour is lovely too, like mango pulp :) As I applied the mask, I could feel a cooling sensation. There was enough to cover my face and neck. And I left it on for around 20-25 minutes by which time it was ready to be peeled off. The best part about a peeloff mask is the actual 'peeling' off. It feels like a dead layer of skin is being peeled and got rid off :) Although with one use I noticed no difference in the pores, it did leave me with clean and firm skin. Skin felt smooth to touch and fresher. Overall, I liked this mask for its fragrance and the firming effect it had on my skin.

So, which is your favourite MJ mask? Have you tried any of their latest new masks?

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