Heyland & Whittle Oatmeal and Spice Soap

An all over body soap loaded with Oatmeal and Poppy seeds to exfoliate dead skin cells and clear clogged pores. It's spicy and invigorating. A lively little number for all skin types. That's what the description of the Heyland and Whittle Oatmeal & Spice soap states and after having used it, I can confirm that it is indeed 'Spicy' and invigorating.

With a blend of essential oils like Clove leaf oil, Cinnamon leaf oil, Capsisum Frutescens fruit powder and Bergamot oil among others it smells gorgeous. Just like the aroma when you have baked a spicy warm cake. The fragrance is the main plus point here. It is spicy, warm and uplifting. It is sure to wake you up and energise you. The blue poppy seeds embedded in the soap look lovely but are a bit too coarse for my skin. Oatmeal and Cocoa seed butter take care of the moisturisation along with Olive oil and Coconut oil. Overall, I love this soap minus the coarse poppy seeds which are not suitable for sensitive tender skin. However, on the fragrance front, it is a winner. It leaves the bathroom smelling great as well :)



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