Geranium Rose Soap from Visionary Soap Company

The first thing to catch my attention when I held the Geranium Rose Soap in my hand was the fragrance. I love (absolutely LOVE) rose fragrance. Most of you ladies out there would. And this soap is a delightful blend of rose and geranium fragrances. Totally fresh and relaxing.

Before I move onto the soap review, let me tell you a bit about Visionary Soaps. The company has an organic range of Fairtrade certified products which are hand made in the UK. Their luxurious organic soaps are made using the cold-process method with fairtrade ingredients from countries like India, Palestine, Ghana, the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka. Their soaps contain 60% Fairtrade certified ingredients.

The soap range consists of:
- Cinnamon Orange Clove Soap
- Geranium Rose Soap
- Lavender Soap
- Lemongrass Soap
- Anise Poppy Seed Soap
- Patchouli & Ylang Ylang Soap
- Shea Butter & Oatmeal Soap
- Tea Tree Soap
- Unscented Soap

All the soaps are hand trimmed and weigh appox 100gms. They are all priced at £3.69 per bar except for the unscented one which is £3.39

Coming to the Geranium Rose soap which I am using: these are soft soaps and for an organic soap it lathers pretty well. You could use it as a face soap or as an all over body soap. The blend of organic oils (coconut, sunflower and olive) makes it very good at moisturising. The skin feels soft and supple after use. As mentioned earlier, the fragrance is gorgeous. The sweet fragrance of Geranium and the floral fragrance of Rose are a magical blend. The fragrance not only leaves you smelling good but also calms and realxes your body. Geranium oil is known to revitalise the skin and cleanse oily skin. Rose oil has been known since ages to have astringent properties: it tones and lifts the skin. So, as a combination I feel these two oils work well and give you smooth skin.

Apart from being Fairtrade the soap also does not contain any synthetic materials or artificial fragrances. It is also free from paraben, SLS and alcohol. And the soaps are vegan!

Final word - if you love rose, then do try this Geranium Rose soap. I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

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